Suraksha homestay in chikmagalur

A Nightly Wildlife Spectacle

Embark on a nightly wildlife spectacle at our homestay, where the sun sets over the hills, unveiling enchanting scenes. Wild animals are drawn to our small water pond near the main gate, gracing us with their presence. Picture the thrill of witnessing these creatures in their natural habitat, just steps away from the comfort of your stay

Embrace Nature’s Symphony at Our Homestay in the Hills

Immerse yourself in nature’s symphony as you wake up to the crisp mountain air and panoramic views of lush greenery at our secluded retreat in the hills of Chikmagalur. This is more than accommodation; it’s an immersion into the untouched beauty that surrounds us

Trekking Haven

For the adventurous souls, our homestay serves as a gateway to trekking nirvana. Explore the undulating terrain, discover hidden trails, and conquer the peaks adorning the horizon. Each trek is a journey through nature’s gallery, offering breathtaking landscapes and a sense of accomplishment.

Nature’s Lullaby

Escape the cacophony of the city, where the only sounds are those of nature. Let the rustle of leaves, the gentle gurgle of our water pond, and the distant calls of wild animals lull you into a state of perfect relaxation.

From Home to Homestay

Our homestay, nestled in the hills of Chikmagalur, is a labor of love, transforming a humble home into a welcoming haven for travelers. Experience the warmth of genuine hospitality, where every corner is infused with the essence of homemade comfort.

Serenading Bird Chirps

Nature’s orchestra plays a delightful tune as a myriad of birds adorn the trees surrounding our homestay. The melodious chirps create a symphony, making your stay a harmonious blend of tranquility and vibrant life.

Features that Define Us

  • Surrounded by Coffee Plantations: Immerse yourself in the rich greenery of coffee estates.
  • Best Homestay in Chikmagalur: A testament to the quality of our hospitality.
  • Homestays near Mullayanagiri: Explore the beauty of the nearby hills at your convenience.
  • Homestays with Mountain Views: Revel in the breathtaking vistas that surround our abode.
  • Estate Stay in Chikmagalur: Experience the authenticity of estate living.
  • Chikmagalur Nature Homestays: Connect with the untouched beauty of nature.
  • Family-Friendly Accommodation: A welcoming space for every member of the family.
  • Homestays with Bonfire Facilities: Enhance your evenings with warmth and camaraderie.
  •  Surrounded by Coffee Plantations
  •  Best Homestay in Chikmagalur
  •  Budget-Friendly Options Available
  •  Homestays near Mullayanagiri
  •  Homestays with Mountain Views
  •  Homestays near Baba Budangiri
  •  Homestays with Trekking Options
  •  Estate Stay in Chikmagalur
  •  Family-Friendly Accommodation
  •  Chikmagalur Cottages
  •  View of Coffee Plantations
  •  Chikmagalur Nature Homestays
  •  Homestays with Bonfire Facilities
  • Suitable for Chikmagalur Weekend Getaways

The 7th Malnad Ultra-Mallandur

The Malnad Ultra, scheduled for November 25, 2023, is a trail run designed to provide the next-level experience for runners. The course is laid out in the heartland of Indian coffee in the Malnad region of South India at elevations from 950 to 1500 m.

Visit: https://malnadultra.com/

for more details

The malnad ultra point is just 4kms from Suraksha homestay

For homestay near mallandur or homestays near malnad ultra contact us

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