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River Bhadra skirts around the hills of Chikmagalur, gushing and bouncing in places, making it an apt spot for white water rafting. Besides providing a wonderful backdrop to parts of Chikmagalur, the River Bhadra is perfect to add an adventure twist to the holiday. Outdoor company, Capture, led by Krishna, is the only (and reasonable) option for a rafting experience. The company is well known in the region with well trained instructors and appropriate equipment. June to October is the best season to hit the rapids when the monsoons are in full swing, swelling the river to its most thrilling form. The Magundi to Balehole segment is the most popular and filled with ample rapids to manoeuvre. One can choose between day trips or longer rafting expeditions that may involve camping by the riverside. Once the rains have subsided and the water is calmer, the river is also conducive to kayaking trips.

                                                    Bhadra White water rafting

AcePaddlers makes every effort to run a quality trip, including all the safety instructions and briefing, before and during each trip by trained professionals. One needs to follow their instructions sincerely. Rafting is a team event and coordination and participation from all the members are required and appreciated. We at Bhadra river do not use Oar rafts where one just sit back and enjoy the ride and guide is going to do all the paddling. We use Paddle rafts aka Oar assisted paddle rafts. Each Raft can take up-to 8 people per raft with a professional guide and it requires involvement and active participation from all the members. One shall need to actively help paddle on the trip they choose, to successfully complete rafting trip.

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